Hi there! I'm Jenny.

I'm a yoga teacher and I currently have 3 passions...

Practicing yoga (obvi), BUT not just the physical practice.  There is so much more! I'm down with all of it - breathwork, meditation, philosophy. All. Of. It.  And I want to help you explore and experience it too!

Habits.  Yes, habits are a passion of mine.  You see, I have a lot going on, just like every other modern woman, and I have a strong tendency toward being a hot mess (I'm Vata dominant for my Ayurveda peeps).  I struggled, quite painfully in fact, to maintain a consistent yoga practice until I learned the neuroscience behind the formation of habits.  Since then, I've taken this knowledge and developed my own formula for creating and sustaining a consistent yoga practice, easily. 

Mothering.  I'm passionate about being the best darn mindful mama that I can be, and a big part of that is having my yoga practice and maintaining consistency, which is even more of a challenge with littles!

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Spiritual Lineage Acknowledgement

I wish to acknowledge the South Asian lineage and culture in which the teachings and practice of yoga are rooted, and the South Asian peoples as yoga's inherent custodians. I pay my respects & give thanks to the original wisdom bearers & their descendants for this practice from which I benefit.


Land Acknowledgment

Nottoway / Cheroenhaka

I wish to acknowledge the traditional Native American tribes as custodians of these lands, and offer my respect and gratitude to the peoples of these tribes, past and present, for their guardianship and care of the land on which I now live and work.

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